‘Body of Proof’ by Impropoe Mixtape Review

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You know that feeling you get as you’re slowly approaching the top of a rollercoaster and you know what’s about to happen? Yeah well that’s what this mixtape felt like. Repulsar Blast and all prior tracks and verses heard are the slow approach and Body of Proof is the summit.

“It’s fun making it hard so you can’t play with us
I’m the bomb baby, become part of the blast radius
No victory in sight for y’all
Please come with some great ideas
We’ll discuss it all at the peace summit
Not knowing you’ll never leave from it. “

One of Revivolution’s extremely skilled MC’s ImproPoe released what, I personally think, could be one of the top 10 SA rap releases of the year. Right from the intro, I knew that this would be a great experience.

The first time I heard ImproPoe spit, the very first thing that caught my attention was his voice alone. A rapper’s voice is a factor people don’t pay too much attention to but the captivation and vitality that ImproPoe possesses in his voice are very rare. Body of Proof on a whole is a mixtape with 17 tracks of thought provoking verses, interesting perspectives, clever wordplay, deadly flows, electric delivery, dope beats, a slight old school feel and witty punchlines. Shout-out to all of the producers on the project: Vez Fullstop, Blaq Faith, ProPound Beats, Cozzy and Mr Green for the high production level. Something I think all of the guys in Revivolution are very skilled in is the art of delivering their raps with such a high level of charisma that comes through, making everything they do seem so effortless. Accompanied by the exciting flows, this charisma is one of the things that makes, not only Body of Proof, but the rapper behind it very special. Although the beats vary in tempo, most of them were more or less of the same style, yet ImproPoe’s unparalleled ability to swiftly dip between wide ranges of flows is pretty impressive. The Oath is one of the best examples of this.

More tracks that stand out to me are Plumb Island; Don’t Feel Bad; the first single released Repulsar Blast; Kosher; Not Swag; By Grace which is a more honest track that sees Impro spitting about his upbringing and personality as well as the hardships of being black; Body of Proof and 3 Seasons which is 4 minutes and 4 seconds of ImproPoe hitting punchline after punchline such as “you lack the skill but not hunger so have a bite of mine” on three different beats. What I really dig is that on all 17 tracks there are no features. If done correctly, this is one of the best things a rapper can do with a mixtape or album. ImproPoe killed it but, personally, I would have loved to hear someone from Revivo join him on The Extremist Cause. What’s really dope about Body of Proof is that ImproPoe not only spits for 3 full verses on most of the songs but he also takes the hooks too. All ImproPoe did was flex his ability as a lyricist with this entire mixtape really.

This is a beautiful mixtape all the way through. “You know how hard it is to market this? This ain’t the cream of the crop; it only makes the head bop. I gotta do what I would do to contribute to Hip Hop”. Body of Proof is honest and ImproPoe’s authentic passion for rap really comes through. If heavy lyricism and listening to hard hitting bars for 55 minutes isn’t really your thing then just be careful that you don’t let the lyrics fly over your head. If you don’t have Body of Proof, wake up!

“Let’s cancel
Close the booth for telling y’all the truth
Or is it just conspiracy?
Well, you know the words of men
Like how they predicted over a hundred times that the world would end
Take what you want from this
I’ll write more bullshit in the mean time
ImproPoe: literally one of the most diseased minds.”

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