Catch Up With E-Jay on CPT and His Career

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“Thank God, bruh!”
– E-Jay when asked how he feels about his city’s growing industry.

Caught up with E-Jay to briefly discuss what’s been popping. Among being nominated for a South African Hip Hop Award, E-Jay has just released a new track produced by Psyko Beats and inspired by SA’s entertainment queen, Bonang Matheba. If you’ve heard the joint, you’ll know its flames: it’s catchy; it’s got the bars and raw delivery that we love and need from E-Jay; and it can work for the festive spirit that the country’s about to enter. In other words, you’ll dig it and so will your friends.


After the JHB group, B3nchmark, came out with their version of ‘Bonang’ produced by Tweezy, you may have seen the splurge of tweets from E-Jay and Tweezy both stating that the song is theirs respectively. Interested to find out from E-Jay where the situation with Tweezy stands concerning the track, I asked, and E-Jay’s immediate response was: “Basically, Tweezy just sold my shit man. First it was with the Apartheid EP; he didn’t want to release it, so we had a little beef-nyana. And now, all of a sudden he just sold my joint to B3nchmark, which I did not appreciate. He sold the beat, first of all. The beat was my producers’ then I gave it to Tweezy. Then, what made me angry is that he sold the concept as well – the name of the track. And on top that off, he sold the chorus and lied that it’s his. I didn’t appreciate it. So that’s what sparked that whole jab. I am actually planning to get the law involved. I’ve got a new management company so they’re controlling it at the moment.”

Law or no law, we love the track and love seeing E-Jay pushing his art for his fan base as well as for the growth of Cape Town hip-hop. “Cape Town is cool, you know. Things are happening. Thank God, bruh. We are the next Joburg basically. That’s what’s happening right now and I’m just happy to be in forefront of all this stuff.”

Over a bad phone line, E-Jay managed to get a his one important message to the people across. Basically just expect him! “I’m about to be everywhere now, whether they like it or not…” It’s going to be interesting seeing what E-Jay does in 2016 after such a strong 2015.


Don’t forget to show support for E-Jay holding it down for The Mother City by downloading ‘Bonang’ here. It’s free, yo!


Also, if you’re going to be in or around Cape Town on the 27th and 28th of November, go watch E-Jay perform at Mother City Live.

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