Divine Council Bringing A New Touch to The ATL Rap Scene

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In a time where 808’s and how much dope you’ve moved determines the number of spins on your record, $ilk Money and his Divine Council cohorts Cyrax!, Lord Linco and Icytwat bring something distinctively refreshing to the game. Sauce.

Hailing from VA, the baritone dread head intricately maneuvers through the lush ninteno-esque soundscapes of Icytwat, Shlomo and LordFubu while dropping gems and highly entertaining adlibs.

With some major co-signs from Erykah Badu and Andre 3 Stacks and an ever increasing online following, its only a matter of time before everyone will pledge allegiance to the Council.

Piece by Cozy Bone (@LiveLoveSkr) for The Influence

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