Dope Saint Jude on Her Latest Project, Reimagine

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Unlike some artists, Dope Saint Jude isn’t predictable.

Her lyrics are captivating and her content isn’t restricted to a few safe, simple topics. In our first interview, Dope Saint Jude spoke of her deliberate juxtaposition in making “woke music to dope beats”, and this time around with the drop of her EP today, it seems that she’ll still be sticking to her “woke” edge, only it’s no longer much of a surprise that the production will be high in energy and fused with trap influences.

In a recent European trip, Dope Saint Jude took to Snapchat in what looked brief episodes of a reality show minus the film crew, scripted “reality”, and perfect lighting. Exhibiting her talent to a foreign audience, this reality show was exciting. You were taken on the journey with her and a greater sense of excitement in following the rapstress’ journey was given with each 10 second instert. Its only the most unique that get to live like this, comfortably conquering the world, one city at a time.

Dope Saint Jude shows zero signs of slowing down and in this interview she talks about her excitement behind the EP and the different concepts and sounds we can expect to endulge in. By the looks of it, Reimagine will be a ride.


I recently added you on Snapchat and caught a glimpse of your trip to Finland with Angel-Ho. In addition to that, what else have you been up to since the last time we spoke in November?

Dope Saint Jude I traveled to Senegal to shoot a advert, I performed at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, went to Finland with the Pan African Space Station and started production on my EP. Right now I am prepping for a US tour as well as a trip to France.

Going into making your EP, what kind of subject matter and sounds did you decide to play around with?

DSJ  I focused quite heavily on Romance and Realism as a theme. From my composition to lyrics, to production, there is a constant theme of this duality on the EP, the imagined world and reality. My life feels like it is constantly moving between reality and the imagined world, especially since making the transition to being an “International” traveling artist. I sampled two classical composers- Tchaikovsky and Debussy. I enjoyed the orchestral sounds that I simply could not remake in production.

What has your journey of making the EP been like?

DSJ  This is my debut EP, so I was constantly trying to figure out what my “sound” would be. Having released singles before and mixtape tracks, I had not really explored my own production style. It was definitely a process of growth and discovery as an artist. I had fun with all the tracks, but the most fun was Light of the Moon, because it combines classical elements with trap, which I found really exciting.

Which producers and other artists did you work with?

DSJ I produced the EP myself. Kay Faith contributed the 808 pattern on Spose 2b. Janeli Steyn contributed vocals. She is a church and jazz singer from my home town. The only other artist featured is Andiswa Mkosi, who contributes a verse and chorus on the Brilliant track. I have always been a fan of Andi, so it was natural to work with her.

Is a full album or mixtape in the plan anytime soon?

DSJ I am working on a mixtape with various producers around the world. I am also releasing an EP with a DJ and producer I met while in Helsinki.

What are you hoping your listeners take away from this EP that we haven’t heard in other work from you?

DSJ  My evolution as an artist. I hope to communicate my multiple narratives. Some tracks are hard, some tracks are soft, some are ethereal. We are complex and it is natural that the music follows this.


Stream the EP below

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