‘Herstory In The Making’ by MsSupa EP Review

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MsSupa is back with her next project, and it’s definitely worth your time.

“Bumpin’ their heads to songs and they don’t really listen

Hoping that you do the same when they on stage performing

So I must just learn to be fake and befriend a DJ?

Have some toilet paper handy

Soon my song will be played

Then I’d be it, y’all!”


From the minute I saw just the artwork and the amount of tracks on it I knew that this would be a very different and special EP. This is my very first encounter with a full MsSupa project which made listening to this album a much better experience just because I had nothing to compare it to – nothing to, worst case scenario, say “it didn’t match” to. MsSupa is a very unique female MC that shows no signs of inferiority that often unintentionally comes across in a lot of rap by sistaz. HerStory In The Making has a self-explanatory title: the EP is a story that will be remembered. The album starts with a Blaklez feature on ‘Dream’ which sets the tone for the rest of the project. Supa raps about her dreams of entering the hip-hop scene and the troubles she came across despite her skill and love for the culture. In tracks like ‘Live’, MsSupa spits about the unexpected struggles often faced in life mainly due to self-doubt and not pushing through in the dark times. Although the EP is not packed full with the illest punchlines, when she does drop a dope line, the need to instantly rewind, replay and tweet it hits.

The most special thing about this EP is that MsSupa is taking almost a completely different route to what the biggest rappers at the moment such as Nadia Nakai or Kid X are taking in terms of content. In SA, our biggest hit-makers and hits are mostly party-orientated and the females are mostly spitting about being a female, their sexuality and being the hardest female. If any, there is such little of this here. Sharing a similar mentality with up-and-coming rapper Gigi LaMayne, MsSupa raps about how, given the fact that she’s a female rapper, she already has had certain connotations placed against her and has faced too many struggles. “Somebody said Hip Hop is like basketball, it’s cute when girls go but it’s the men that score.”

With boombap beats, the motif in this EP is MsSupa’s passion and love for the Hip Hop culture – which is beautiful. Accompanied by guitar picking, tracks such as ‘Who’s That Lady’ made the album a very personal one. Her ability to spit on a fair range of beats and adapt her flow accordingly really came to life which was dope to explore with her. Tracks that stood out to me were ‘Who’s That Lady’, ‘Female Dog’, ‘The Game’ and although the EP wouldn’t be any less greater had the features been cut out – ‘Your Girl’ with appearances by Qba and Skye Wanda and ‘Follow Zero’s’ with PDotO are some of my favourites on the EP.

Easily one of the best EPs I’ve listened to in a while. I’m excited for the next release already.

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