Meet Fifthpower, A Creative That’s Silently Working Wonders

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Fifthpower talks to us about his artistic evolution.



Sometimes the most interesting artists aren’t the ones boasting tens of thousands of followers and abiding by an odd aesthetic. More often than not, they’re the ones silently perfecting their craft for self-fulfillment and for the pleasure of the ones lucky enough to get a glimpse. This is where Fifthpower comes in.

The Philadelphia-raised illustrator was born in Louisville, Kentucky and has been gradually building, not just his following but, his creative eye and artistic abilities for a minute now. He tells stories through his artwork that are rich in colour, emotion and, in some cases, familiarity. Fifthpower’s work may be characterized by its playful energy and abstract nature. The more recent A$AP Mob x Power Rangers and Pro Era x TMNT illustrations, that have been making waves online, pay tribute to the late A$AP Yams and Capital Steez respectively, in a way that’s both exciting to fans of the artists, as well as intriguing to those who aren’t so in touch with the crews. Fifthpower has both visual art and music under his belt and, with the help of the internet, his influence is slowly spreading. Creatives tend to view the world differently, and in this Q&A with Fifthpower, he lets us in on how the journey began for him and how his music and art influences are heavily connected….



Tell us a little bit about yourself
FIFTH  I am Fifthpower, normally just called Fifth. I am from Philadelphia, PA, but right now I stay in Georgia – a little bit outside of Atlanta.

When did you begin venturing into art?
FIFTH  I began venturing into art at a very young age. I drew on walls, clothes, TVs, my bed, etc. No one in my family really pursued art so I have no clue where I got that influence, other than from watching cartoons a lot. When I was little, all I did was draw. I had an extreme hatred for coloring; I believed that nothing needed color. I dont know, I just hated it. As I grew up, I began to draw more and more but I eventually hit almost a five year art block. I stopped drawing. I lost inspiration and just put it away. During my five year block, Philadelphia was the most influential part of it all – I was going through a lot and really finding myself; sort of gathering myself. Eventually, I got to putting it all in my art book. I spilled everything I bottled up for five years into a sketchbook. Literally almost a year ago, I hopped back into art. I did a lot of studying and practicing with many artists and it has put me in such a great position.

During this journey did you ever struggle to find your own style to distinguish you?
FIFTH Yes. It is very complicated finding my own style because there are so many artists out there who inspire me and give me that amazing artistic energy whether it be music or the art itself. So I take that energy and manipulate it and find my own style.

How did the inspiration for the Pro Era and A$AP Mob illustrations come about?
FIFTH  The inspiration came from my favorite TV shows growing up and how the groups both lost someone of importance. Master Splinter and Zordon are important to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers, so I just took that and put it on paper.

Do you currently have a favourite piece that you’ve done?
FIFTH As of right now, I really don’t have a favorite piece. Anything I have recently put out I am in love with.

I recently checked out your SoundCloud and it’s dope to see that your creativity isn’t just restricted to one field. How important would you say it is for people to test or push their abilities artistically?
FIFTH  Ah yes, my SoundCloud. Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my music. It is extremely important for people to test or push their abilities artistically because eventually it will all pay off. Never stop chasing what you want to do or be. Never, ever stop, because the moment you stop, someone who has been working as hard as you will snatch your dreams from you. Then what are you left with? Nothing.

How has your environment influenced your work – both the music and art?
FIFTH  My environment plays a significant role in my art and music: what I have seen, been through, put myself in, and just a lot of internal battles against myself. I would have to say that the most influential of them all is my love life and my relationship with my family. They both play an important role in my creativity.

As a young artist, what kind of opportunities would you like to see being created for emerging creatives?
FIFTH As a young artist, I really want to see a large amount of opportunities given to the youth – the youth that actually want to change the world. Not the unoriginal youth, the kids that want to be like everyone else and average. I have no problem with them because that’s the life that they choose to live, but I don’t surround myself with that. I’m talking about real leaders who want to see a positive change in the world for a better tomorrow.

Be sure to check Fifthpower out on Instagram to see these dope illustrations and more.


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