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Black excellence, opulence, decadence…

For the past five years, ‘Gotta Have It’ has been my ringtone (I’ve had to cop it thrice – thanks, Apple) not only because it’s fucking awesome, but because of what it stands for: it is the benchmark for a collaboration to which any rapper considering making an album should aspire to. Hov and ‘Ye morphed into one being, The Throne. This twelve track – sixteen if you appreciate bonus joints – chauffeured ride needs no review, only appreciation.

Roc-a-fella‘s finest moment, albeit by default, has planted itself within the pantheon of GOATs thanks to an all-star cast of producers such as The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Q-Tip, Mike Dean, RZA, and Pete Rock; the A1 vocalists Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, and The-Dream; and a golden Ricardo Tisci who crafted the album art. Let’s not forget about the main attraction…

With audacious lyrics and the brazy bank balance to back up their sentiments, The Throne strived to make a totally relatable album, and it turned out to be a “Damn, I Need To Get My Bands Up” LP.

“I wish I could give you this feelin’, I’m planking on a million” Jay-Z spat on ‘Gotta Have It’, and need I say more? However, ladies and gentlemen, that is the genius behind it. So what if their personal struggles are avoiding the press and stepping off the PJ in some pj’s? It’s the feeling!  It’s that exact feeling you get when you hit a wet buzzer beater, a Fergie time toe poke; in that moment you can’t really explain the euphoria pumping all through your body, but goddamn everyone can see it. That shit feels great.

Where many albums stumble, ‘Watch the Throne’ soars. And the relevance? Just look at the world now and listen to ‘Murder To Excellence’. Niggas like Bari are still in Paris, Queen B is still Jigga’s bitch, have The Throne not proved that they have indeed made it in America? Fuck it, who is iller than Yeezus?

Many collaborative albums look good on paper but, come execution, they flop. Kanye west and Jay Z are skilled – incredibly so, and were at the right place both in their careers and in developing their artistry when this blassik hit the masses.

Please, Lord forgive them, for these niggas not know what they do – oooh!”

Piece by Cozy Bone

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