‘Wasi-Wasi’ by Sam Turpin EP Review

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Last week Sam Turpin released his highly anticipated sophomore EP Wasi-Wasi.

Although many of the themes remain slightly similar following his first project Eternal Sentiment, sonically Wasi-Wasi is a completely new experience altogether, and it’s this distinctly different feel that makes the project so easy to be enjoyed across an even larger audience.

“Maybe I like dreaming

‘Cause reality is seeming

Like its tearing at the seems

Caving in under the ceiling

But you’re a star in the sky

And you’re shining bright”

From the very first track’s kaleidoscope of sounds on Mafunde’s production and Sam Turpin’s signature laid back rap style over it, to the very last track, Ascendance, where he spits about social issues, love and the fulfillment that he gets from rapping live, the experimental 4-track EP is a nice introduction into December and will hopefully see the dawn of 2016 still having a good amount of hype around it. Sam Turpin tells simple yet relatable stories in his rhymes.

Stream the Wasi-Wasi EP below, and rock with it.

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