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Rap Sixty is the name of the new The Influence documentary of conversations with some of the very prominent voices in the commercial, independent and emerging rap scenes in South Africa at the moment.

In part 1, we take a look at just a few of the people featured in this series. Cape Town’s very own Youngsta Cpt and one of Pretoria’s well-respected producers and rappers Riz Ventura both trace their introductions to the rap game, while Kitso and Mr Calibre from Fratpack speak about what Hip Hop is to them and how they are steadily gaining attention from MCs and rap fans alike throughout the country, starting with their core supporters in GP.
Watch the first part :

In part 2, rap veteran Jack Parow as well as the collective known as The Artlifers are introduced and members Thabo, Frypan and Jaxx immediately delve deep into the trends within the rap culture in South Africa, each giving unique, engaging analogies and opinions. 2015’s rapper of the year Riky Rick and Hip Hop events organiser Rashid Kay are also introduced to the series in part 2. While Rashid gives a more business-orientated perspective, both him and Riky Rick speak with their unmissable passion evidently clearly coming through.

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In this continuation of the series titled “There’s A New Generation”, rappers Youngsta Cpt and Andy Mkosi both delve into their opinion on the newer sounds emerging in South African hip-hop at the moment, while both touching on the importance of Cape Town rap.

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In the final part of Rap Sixty, the artists and listeners that have are featured throughout the series wrap up their thoughts on the rap industry in South Africa by commenting on the prominence that the internet has been having recently in both the careers or artists and the structure of the industry.

Watch Part 5:

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