Youngsta Cpt: Captain South Africa

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Youngsta is easily my favourite SA rapper this year, hiphoppas and influencess. I’m not lying, and I’ve been predicting this rise for years now.

“Get the fuck out my face with that fake shit
I see you jumping around on MTV Base, bitch
I ain’t mad at you
Shit, I’m glad he did it
But apparently my shit is too raw for television
A lot of dick-sucking
A lot of favoritism
You can catch me at all the events the haters isn’t
So, that means I’m hardly ever out
You can catch me in the hood with the captains and the generals”

It’s only July and 2015 is clearly being owned as stated. Youngsta’s impact has potential to be one of the most powerful we’ve had in a long time by redefining what it means to be a rapper and if he’s paid enough attention to, he’ll be able to perfectly get the messages spewed in the underground out to a much lager audience, therefore breaking the mold and creating an avenue for underground rappers to gain some commercial success while still staying true to their art, their individuality and most importantly their content. His delivery is chilling and his verses are unapologetic.

There’s an interview that Youngsta had with Heavy Wordz roughly three years ago in which he spoke about his track “I’m Broke” not getting love from a larger audience outside of his core fan base despite the subject matter of the track – going through financial difficulties – being such a relatable concept that most people have experienced at least once in their lifetime. Its an ongoing battle: do we want to listen to your rap on how we’ve suffered or do we want to ignore the reality of it and rather have fun now? But this is a global argument of the underground. What Youngsta is doing at the moment is rare. He is one of the very few rappers to discard the opinions and move forward doing rap that’s real to him and people alike.

Below is an important track titled SA Hip Hop Industry. You often get rappers that give the mainstream what they want, and you get rappers that make the underground happy through their content, and then you get rappers that do both. It looks like Youngsta might be that rapper.

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