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 This week, some of our favourite things include the creative approach to music that comes out of collaborations. Collaborations in the form of multiple musical minds coming together, as well as in the form of borrowing. Read up on our weekly round-up….

Walk Gleesh Walk

Yung Gleesh released the official video for his lowkey hit Pew Pew and man can he dance! The greatest since MJ with the white socks effortlessly glides through the wilderness with hyenas and gucci buckle. The blassik “walk, Gleesh walk!” intro sets this bitch off


No Prlbms

These pristine black and white visuals are the product of Eric Nelson, Ben “Lambo” Lambert and Freddie Gibbs. 6LACK’s Prblms is the instrumental over which Freddie Gibbs has made his most recent freestyle, No Prblms. Freddie Gibbs donns some of the most popular in street wear, Palace and supreme, whole spitting in whips and behind clouds of smoke.


Future Need Some Ray Bans

First there was The Saga, then the jab on Composure, then short-lived silence. This was all soon followed by a string of joint performances and now potentially an exciting amount of new music. AKA and Anatii are arguably two of the few in the bunch of SA hip-hop’s most talented artists, making any kind of musical collaboration between the two interesting to watch unfold. This week, they dropped their auto-tuned joint track titled 10 Fingers. If the song itself isn’t enough to get one excited for the future of their musical relationship, then the Anatii and David East-directed visuals that bring more life will definitely have you hyped.


It’s a GUILLOTINE thing


Somewhere between its heightening fashion scene and cool landscapes, Cape Town still manages to secure its music scene as one of its other interesting things to keep an eye on. One of the collectives contributing to the steady rebuilding of the city’s rap scene’s hype is GUILLOTINE Squad who, with their vibrant, skillful members are producing trap music of a high caliber. This week, members Big Beni and Aztec Coca dropped their joint song LALA, BYE. The listening experience, while brief, is animated, owing to Big Beni’s dynamic production and Aztec Coca’s relentless spew of lyrics, laced with their adlibs.  If you’re not familiar with GUILLOTINE Squad, get familiar.

Birds In The Film


Image via XXL

La Flame just dropped of his short film inspired by his latest album Birds On The Trap Sing McKnight. The trippy soundtrack aid the the awe inspiring visuals and bring Travis’ dreams to life. Hit the stream link below.


Goldlink is Back

Goldlink is back – back with new music and back to claim the attentiveness of audiences that have been overlooking him. On Friday, Goldlink released Pray Everyday, and his mellow vocals over the lively production – something that he’s adopted as a signature style – make for a classic Goldlink track. The song is released ahead of his new project set to come next week and deals with being low, the industry and managing with social struggles.

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