A Mick Jenkins Show is Exactly What You Would Imagine

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Mick Jenkins is an interesting artist: his music borders on conscious in its content and the beats that he raps over, bring his lyrics to life in the kind of touch that many rappers battle with.

“Talking all that jazz” and “telling all that truth” were the maxims for the evening at Mick Jenkins’ first performance in Johannesburg. The sold-out show was hosted by Kool Out Lounge’s live music branch, Alchemy SA, and was what one would imagine a live performance of The Water[s] to be: honest, warm and enlightening.


Photography for The Influenced Life


While the show was largely a performance of Mick Jenkins’ 2014 project The Water[s], it was absorbing and engaging through and through. Between songs, Mick took moments to speak to his audience, intensifying the intimate atmosphere permeating through the air with each honest monologue.

“When we say ‘Drink more water’, it’s really like saying ‘Drink more truth’, because water represents truth.”

– Mick Jenkins


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