Ngola Shares His Debut Project “Rocket Power Love”

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Born in Umlazi, Ngola is a hip-hop/alternative artist who has story to tell. His journey is unique, and with Rocket Power Love, he tells it, as clearly as possible…



Ngola’s knack for story-telling over melodic, old school hip-hop beats with African elements is undeniable and clear all throughout his collection of music. The creation of his first EP, Rocket Power Love, is a testament to his ability to create a cohesive yet diverse body of work, with all components catering to the overriding theme.

“My understanding of success is when you’re doing what you love.”

–   Ngola to the audience at his Rocket Power Love listening session


At an intimate listening session in Braamfontein, in which we were in attendance, Ngola played each track off of his 14-track debut project, Rocket Power Love, outlining the inspirations, creative processes and messages of the songs one at a time. Before listening to the album, an interview with the artist was shown in which his connection to power – particularly that of a royal nature – was explained. The deep space theme of the evening was evident in the intergalactic inspired artwork around the venue – catering to the “rocket” sentiments throughout the project, which could manifest themselves in the ideas of motion, or the pursuing of one’s hustle, which are evident throughout the project.


“Allow yourself to be an artist.”

– Ngola to the audience at his Rocket Power Love listening session


The audience, full of budding questions which were later answered, was captivated by the artist’s authentic passion for the music he makes, and his desire to deliver honest lyrics which are true to his individual journey. “You are the best version of you when you’re being yourself,” said Ngola in between some of the songs. And in the context of this artist, this quote speaks volumes. The EP is described as having highlighted “the emotional, spiritual and mental toil one endures when before and after signing a record deal,” and it’s clear that he is able to channel the energy and lessons which he has gained along that journey into the creation of more art to share with the world. Newly independent, he uses this project as a way to best show off his skill in as many ways as possible.


“Africa is the future. We’ve known that. It’s just about finding the keys to unlock that potential.”

–  Ngola to the audience at his Rocket Power Love listening session


Stream Born in The 90z, a song off of Rocket Power Love, below. And follow Ngola on SoundCloud and Twitter to keep up with future work from the multi-talented creative.

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