Weekly Music Round-Up

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After a music round-up break, read as we re-cap some music news from the past week!

Thank you to Fiji Fantana for this week’s artwork. Be sure to stream his latest mix titled EX10DO here.


Brockhampton Drop Visuals For ‘Junky’



Between clocking their first million views on YouTube and fast-approaching the release date of their second album of the year (SATURATION II), Brockhampton’s streak of online attention is only rapidly increasing, and rightfully so. “I do the most for the culture, nigga, by just existing,” raps Kevin Abstract over the eerie new Junky beat which the Brockhampton collective delivered to the world this past week, his face coated in gold paint. Junky, a darker song about the group’s inner demons, is noticeably different from Brockhampton’s most recent music video releases: the creative, vibrant video carries a far gloomier, sinister tone in its dark content and dreary visuals.



J Molley Album Announcement


Since branching out into his solo career, J Molley’s consistency in releasing music and collaborating with large names in South Africa’s music industry have birthed his growing fan base. This week J Molley fans and listeners are likely to grow in their excitement with the announcement of his debut project titled Dreams Money Can Buy.  If previous music is anything to go by, the artist’s fresh take on auto-tuned trap music and religious references will be in full order on this project.


Joey Bada$$ Joins Fellow East Coast Rapper Loaded Lux

Loaded Lux teams up with fellow East Coast rapper Joey Bada$$ and Rasheeda Wallace in the laid back new track, Ain’t Gone Hold Ya. Shot in a recording studio plastered with album arts and homages to hip hop classics, the music video features Loaded Lux spitting the first verse of the song followed by conversation about the importance of chasing your dreams at a young age – followed by the hook and a Joey verse.



Don’t Burn Your Tongue


The 3rd episode of the Peer Pressure podcast came midweek this week. From Joey Bada$$, to Chance the Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert and Kendrick Lamar – what happens when your faves blow up, and why do we feel so possessive? On the 3rd episode, hosts Warren, Trish, Romeo, Nkuli, and Heti delve into the mind of music ‘hipsters’, and the different internal conflicts which arise as an underground favourite makes the transition into the commercial light and gains mainstream media attention. Will they compromise their art? Despite your old love for them, how long will you keep listening if they change? And which boundaries do you think your problematic faves would have to cross in order to lose your support?


Nav and Metro Boomin Release Visuals


Stripper, strobe lights, and racks. From their latest collaborative project, Perfect Timing, Nav and Metro Boomin have just dropped Call Me‘s music video directed by RJ Sanchez. Nav’s melodic, auto-tuned vocals over Metro Boomin’s slower production are accompanied by stripper booties, money throwing, and expensive cars. The music video was released two days ago and has already clocked over 1 million views on YouTube. If that’s anything to go by, then people are really giving into the duo’s joint style and how the video portrays this.


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