Highways, shadows, bridges, and sunrises: Sam Turpin’s “Lunar Vibe”

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If you’ve ever needed an excuse to tune out noisy distractions and vibe to something smooth, then Sam Turpin is ready to deliver that – yet again – with his new visuals for Lunar Vibe.

Sam Turpin clearly outlines the ins and outs of the night time in Johannesburg’s urban streets, detailing the anxieties brought upon by the city’s crime and unforeseeable events in a well shot music video premiered by Apparently Mag. Turpin raps over his own beat, painting eerie images with his lyrical prowess. The warm colours of the music video, in conjunction with his signature calm rap cadence make Lunar Vibe evocative of the kind of stillness that is often found between the corners of Joburg’s loud and busy environment.

He releases his newest offering, Lunar Vibe, ahead of the release of his debut mixtape, titled 4am in Jozi, set to arrive at the beginning of August. “Both the project and the video are set in a night time Johannesburg full of anxiety, fear, wonder and love,” he explains. It’s been over a year since we’ve gotten a new Sam Turpin project and, while we’ve been exposed to Turpin’s production on previous releases, following his first two EPs (Eternal Sentiment and Wasi-Wasi), we expect 4am in Jozi to showcase Sam Turpin’s skill on an exciting new level as the 11-track project is fully self-produced, thus highlighting both his lyrical and production abilities – and possibly also bringing his already vivid story-telling more life.

Watch the official Lunar Vibe music video below:



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