Kitso, Mr. Calibre and Javas Skolo Team up For “The Footlog”

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In a time where the online conversation around street wear is heightening, it’s only fitting that well-known sneaker lovers dip their toes into the vlogging space and produce a brand new show about their kicks.


The Footlog is a South African sneaker vlog, focusing mostly on the practicality of the originally intended purpose of sneakers”


Kitso and Mr. Calibre – known for, among other things, their music contributions as FRATPACK – team up with Javas Skolo – known for his DJing and co-hosting of The Sobering podcast along with Kitso – to produce the vlog. The trio’s natural chemistry and humour make for entertaining and organic conversations which support their knowledge and evident passion for sneakers which carries the show well.

On the first episode, the three take turns showcasing their favourite personal picks for the Winter season which the Southern Hemisphere is currently in. They detail what they appreciate about the shoes as well as make mention of others.


Watch The Footlog Episode 1 below:


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